Callers and Cuers
Notes, Anouncments and Forms for Callers, Cuers, and other Dance Leaders
Please monitor this web page for information concerning Callers, Cuers, and other Dance Leaders.

All Callers, Cuers and Dance Leaders must submit their profiles before they can be scheduled for the Program of an upcoming convention. If you have already started your profile then please keep it updated here. If you have not started one yet then please go to to begin creating yours and then visit often to keep it updated . To create a profile you will need to create a user id and password at for the OnLine Registration that lets you check which conventions you are registered for. Once you have an id and password, then login and in the upper left corner you will see a selection for Dance Leader Profiles. That's all there is to it - when we are ready for them they will be right there waiting on us and current because you have kept them that way. Thank You

Coming soon: A list of Dance Leaders who have completed their profiles.